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Rules & Guidance


1.0 All league participants are to have a working camera or phone that can be used to show your board during a match.

1.1 You must remain polite at all times, if there is anything that you are unhappy with, raise this with your opponent in the first instance. If a resolution can not be made during the match please contact League Admin.

1.2 Results are to be submitted as soon as possible after the match, see Submit Results section for more details.

1.3 No entry fee is charged for the league and therefore there will be no prize money.

1.4 Nakka (No1online) is the preferred platform for playing your matches however any platform can be used as long as you both agree.

1.5 Players will be grouped based on their 3-Dart average provided at registration. Players will be moved leagues at the end of each season.

1.6 Season 2 will commence on 1st Jun 24 and run until 31st Jul 24.

1.7 You are to arrange your matches with your opponent yourselves, contact details can be found within the database. Veterans are to utilise facebook where possible and if their opponent can not be found please contact Gareth Walters / Lee Fox for opponent details.

Match Format

2.0 All matches are to be played in the format of ‘’Best of 10’’ which means the first to 6 wins unless it reaches 5-5 see Para 2.2.

2.1 Players are to throw 1 dart at the bull at the start of the match to determine who throws first. This can be either until someone hits 25/Bull or whoever is the closest. The decision will be down to the players. 

2.2 When a match reaches 5-5 this is declared as a draw and a screenshot of the stats is to be taken at this stage prior to exiting the match.

2.3 Matches are Straight in and Double Out starting at 501.

2.4 When playing your match you are to call out your score prior to retrieving your darts.

2.5 Board view example:


3.0 Results are to be submitted by the winner of the match as follows:

       Complete the Submit Results form on the website.

3.1 Results must include as a minimum (Example from Nakka below):

      o   You and Your opponents Score

      o   3 Dart Avg

      o   100+ Scores

      o   140+ Scores

      o   180 Scores



3.2 Results are to be submitted within a week of the completion of the match.

League Points

4.0 League Points are granted as follows:

       Win = 3 Points

       Draw = 1 Point

       Loss = 0 Points

Bonus points may be added in Season 2.

4.1 Promotion / Relegation will depend on a number of factors including and not limited to Results and 3-Dart average.

Statistics and Data

5.0 All statistics and data will be collated and updated as a minimum weekly.

5.1 Updates will be conducted as regularly as possible.


6.0 All complaints are to be sent to one of the following:

Gareth Walters –

Lee Fox –

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